Legs feed the wolf. The brain eats cranksets.

Next time you drive up a hill in your car, imagine going to a place where you simply just deal with the limit of power your body (and mind) can muster for a 8 minute duration. Hint for success:  Ride the bike that calls your name. 

So what say you to take this imaginary challenge? 

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“Solid” Indoor Cycling Classes

If you’re the type of person who likes to ride bikes to feel good,improve your fitness but doesn’t have a lot of time to get outside in the cold weather to do it? Boy do we have a product for you! What we do at Beautiful Bike is inspire you with a fun,high quality ride on an indoor bike that rides just like an outdoor bike! The RealRyder. Seattle’s #1 indoor cycling studio.Image

Become a better bike rider at any age and have fun while doing it!

Sign up for a class today!

You just got “Whip-Looked”

Edouard Louis Joseph, Baron Merckx

(1) Whip-look Associated Disorder (WAD) represents the inevitable elimination off the back of a peloton. This certifies the offer to step up to the next level. The phenomena of suffering will challenge a cyclist to upgrade the arsenal of weaponry and renew the commitment to conditioning the entire body before taking on a new alias. In most cases,WAD will help the cyclist emerge with an enhanced attitude and higher level of concentration than the prior peloton experience crime scene. All cyclists have been affected by WAD. The onset of the experience, despite painful, can become blissful during re-entry if the challenge is accepted. ©Beautiful Bike 2011

If ya never never go, ya never never know

A bike has a formula for never letting you down. This truly happy invention has an intuitive way of bringing our senses alive.
Do this: on your next ride (inside or outside), liberate the joy inside you in a way that will connect to your dreams or begin a new challenge in your life. We support all forms of joy with the ultimate tool being the bike,The Beautiful Bike. Say yes and win your life!

The Speed Of Life May Be A Ten-Speed

Peter Cannon doesn’t have a car anymore. Hasn’t had one since January of 2011. Peter has found a small piece of himself on the pedals and spokes of his trusty bikes. It seems like such a simple thing-it’s just a bike,right? To Peter, it’s a subtle form of meditation that happens to get him from his house,to the coffee shop,to the indoor cycling studio-         “The Beautiful Bike” and back. Whether it’s his carbon super-bike or beach cruiser, it’s still a bike that does a simple job. Functionality is the key. When he chooses to ride a different bike, like his steel utility bike, he becomes part of that bike’s functional characteristic. Peter opts to let any bike lead him and to trust his choice of bike for that part of the day. “I love seeing the different bikes cruisin’ round town because they are an important component of society and they express the simple joy of each ride for each cyclist. Riding my bikes truly change the pace of life. The bike slows life down to where it should be,or at least where I want it to be.” Seattle’s cycling community is becoming more like Asian countries and across Europe.
“It seems like when all you have is a bike,you don’t just go places because you can,” ponders Peter. “I’ve been finding out that everything I need is right here in our neighborhoods.”

“3 x 10 = Happy” Trigger Point Performance Therapy Tools

“3 x 10=Happy”

Have you ever wondered why deep tissue massage works so well to reduce or remove tension in your muscles? It’s the intuitive nature of your massage practitioner plus their skill to attend to your body that is specific to you; call it “custom body work” if you will. Every session has a specialized kind of improvement as you attend your sessions weekly or monthly (not annually).

There is a greater sense of well being after I receive a massage session IF one or more of these pillars of health were already in place:

1) Consistent hydration practices
2) Consistent sleep cycles
3) Consistent mobility training
4) Consistent self massage techniques

These four pillars applied consistently has proven to gather rewards, namely greater sports performance and vitality of health. The key word here is consistency.
Life can get in the way of all good intentions to be consistent. To simplify, I recommend picking 1-2 things to be consistent with and THEN build from there.

Self massage tools might be the most overlooked techniques that WILL boost your energy with minimal time invested. Here’s the bonus: you and your massage practitioner will have greater healing powers as a team. Your muscles will accept treatment sooner in the session and the benefits between sessions will last longer. Here’s the kicker: Less than 10 minutes per day on a rotating schedule for different regions of the body. How about doing that 10 minutes only 3 times per week?
Bottom line: Think of massage as performance therapy, not injury rehabilitation.

I classify Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools as a “Secret Weapon” for optimal performance and health. The inherent therapeutic traits of the product have a proven track record with world class champions and professional athletes.
The key here emphasizing that each Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools rank right up there with the same,simple significance as your toothbrush.
You use them daily!

If you have questions or would like a demonstration on how these tools can help you perform better,please let me know!
Choose to win,
Peter Cannon
(Studio) 206-283-4567